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How to organize bills and manage money

Everyone is envolved in lots of everyday financial operations and needs an efficient way to organize and manage them.

DueMon CashAllot is a powerful tool that is specially developed for a specific method of money management described here. This method shall be considered as the most efficient way of money management.

The main principe of DueMon CashAllot Method is quite simple - it is to track your future money using plan of future transactions. That means to determine how your main account balance will change after each planned payment from that account or deposit to it.

In other words in DueMon CashAllot you create plan of future transactions and determine future balances after those planned transactions that are calculated automatically from current account balances.

Of course, it make sense to track future balances only for main money storage-like accounts such as bank accounts that are used to deposit paychecks to and make payments from it.

It is based on the following tree steps:

  • organize bills, credit cards, loans and all other payments
  • create a plan of future payments and deposits
  • forecast future cash, determine "narrow spaces" in future cash flow and adjust plan of future transactions

The main advantage of this method is that analisys within this method is based on curent balances and does not depend directly on past spendings. This fact allows to avoid annoing tracking of everyday spendings.

With this method you will START from your NOW and CALCULATE your FUTURE instead of COUNT your PAST and GUESS your FUTURE.

Before you get started with DueMon CashAllot, please, get aware of How It Works on examples which you may find here. (At the end of that article you will be provided with instructions how to get started with DueMon CashAllot)