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DueMon CashAllot is free web-based application. With this software you can control your future cash flow, organize all your bills and credit cards and avoid any late payments.

This program shall not be considered as budgeting. It is planning, sheduling and tracking payments tool that allows you to forecast and track your future cash flow. It will give you your future financial picture without annoying everyday spending data input.

Please also note that we do not connect to your real accounts and there are no automatic transactions assign to your real bank accounts behind your back. All tracking data is based on manual updating current balances and confirming scheduled payments.

DueMon CashAllot is a convenient tool that is specially developed for particular method of money management.
This way of money mangement is completely different from traditional budgeting and money management approach.

Detail explanation of this method which is a backbone of DueMon CashAllot you may find here. (At the end of that explanation you will be provided with instructions how to get started with DueMon CashAllot)

It is strongly recommended to familiarize yourself with the method mentioned above before you get started with this software. Otherwise it makes no sense to start it at all.

If you've got the idea of DueMon CashAllot Method you are ready to get started!

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