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What Is Agent-Client System?

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This is a good opportunity to get rewards and benefits from UnixDime. While acting as an agent and promoting UnixDime to other people you will receive agent rewards in uDimes that you may use for UnixDime services or redeem it to get profit from Agent-Client System.

Why Do You Need to Be an Agent?

Every person has friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues and other acquaintances. So, turn each your relation into your profit! Just share UnixDime System and Services and receive Agent-Client Rewards.

Good Opportunity to Earn Money.

You may use uDimes inside UnixDime System for services as well as you are able to redeem uDiems that is to exchange internal money back into external money (real world currency).

This gives you great opportunity to earn easy money online with UnixDime System just acting as an agent and sharing information about UnixDime withing your neighborhood. It is very simple and quite profitable. This is ready cash for you from UnixDime.

To get more rewards you may use the power of the Internet and share UnixDime on various forums and charts. In such case you may multiply your rewards.

Benefit Leverage.

This system is based on a Multilevel Scheme that supports agent-agent references up to the third level of agents. That means that you will continue receive benefit from Agents that reference to you through your Clients.

Easy to start right away

Every UnixDime User is an Agent automatically. There is no extra registration for Agent-Client System. If you registered user then you may use this opportunity right away.

At registration Agent Name is the same as User Login by default. Then you may change it to any desired one.

Just tell each your potential client to input your Agent Name into "Agent reference" field on Registration Form and you both will benefit from Agent-Client System.