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Confirm Transactions

Almost all of my data has been input. A few times a week and sometimes even more frequently I verify my scheduled plan. Some of these transactions have been already occured on my real accounts and I have to confirm them in DueMon CashAllot.

Main Panel Expired Transaction

My first two transactions are expired. Such transactions are marked in DueMon Cashallot with dark gray color.
Info regarding Special Data Coloring in DueMon CashAllot you may find here.

These expired transactions must be confirmed because they both occurred on real accounts. In addition there is one more transaction that is not expired, but it has been processed on real account as well.

Main Panel Confirm Transaction

To confirm all these transactions I need to select 'Trans Edit' Action Mode on Modes Pane. Then I have to check them and press 'CONFIRM all checked' button on Actions Pane.

Main Panel Confirmation Result

As a result confirmed transactions appeared as history transactions marked with light gray color and no balance tracking values.
Also Summary Balance for tracked accounts has been recalculated. This value shall be checked on Selection Summary Pane.