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Due Tracking

Due tracking is one of the most important step after balance tracking. It allows to watch current and next due dates for due tracked accounts such as credit cards and bills.

Info regarding Due Tracking in DueMon CashAllot you may find here.

New Account Dialog Due Tracking

To create due tracked account you shall set "track" value for tracking due data property in New Account Dialog.

For accounts that are already created you may change this value in Edit Account Dialog . In such case check all accounts you wish to change this property and set "track" value for all of them at a time.

New Account Dialog Due Date

Once you set any account as due tracked you may define due date date from last issued statement.

New Account Dialog Recurrence Times

If you need due data to be automatically recurred then you shall specify recurrence greater than 0 or * ("multiple"). Otherwise due data will not be recurred if recurrence is set to 0 ("none").

New Account Dialog Recurrence Period

Also you shall specify recurrence period if you have not done it yet for the previous step with statement tracking data. This period will be used to automatically calculate next expected and all recurrent due data.

New Account Dialog Recurrence Due Amount

Some due tracked accounts may have recurrent due amount that is constant value recurred each time of their recurrence such as bills with billing plan and fixed amount. In this case you shall set "recurrent" value for due amount recurrence property in New Account Dialog.

New Account Dialog Recurrent Due Amount

If you set due amount as recurrent you shall specify recurrent due amount value.

Main Panel Due Mark

For each due tracked account in CashFlow and CashAllot there will be several types of due marks. They indicate dates of Current, Next and each Recurrent Due Dates.

Main Panel Current Due

Current Due mark provides Current Due Amount and Current Due Rest values for due tracked account.

Main Panel Next Due Recurrent Due Amount

Each Next Due mark provides Next Due Rest values for due tracked account. If due amount is recurrent then Next Due mark also displays Recurrent Due Amount.

Main Panel Next Due Current Balance

If due amount is not recurrent and account is balance tracked then Next Due mark also shows Current Balance value.

Once you finish with analisys of due data you may pass to the next step.