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Input Your Data

Define Currencies

The first data to be defined is a currency. It is required to have at least one currency defined. If there are no user defined currencies then the system automatically generates default set of currencies (USD, CAD and uD).
You may redefine the default currencies or delete them at all if you wish to define your custom currencies.

Consider what currencies you are going to operate with, which one will be base currency, what convertion rates other currencies have. Then you may create new currencies.

Let's assume that you have a bank account which is your main one and most your transaction will be assigned referencing to that account. In such case it is reasonable to set the currency of that account as base currency and to specify for all other currencies coversion rates to that base currency.

Info regarding Currencies in DueMon CashAllot you may find here.

Current Selection Pane

Currency Manager Window and all currencies data can be accessed from Current Selection Pane.

Currency Manager Actions Pane

In Currency Manager a new currency can be definded from Actions Pane.

New Currency Dialog

In New Currency Dialog specify data for a new currency and click button OK. Now new currency is created.

You may create more currencies if you need. Once you finish you may pass to the next step.