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Create Accounts

The next data after currencies to be input is an account. It is required to have at least two accounts to be able to assign any transaction.

There is no need to input all accounts at once. It is quite enough to create one or several main accounts that consolidate most of your transactions. These accounts are primary to be tracked such as a bank chequing account. Then you may add accounts as far as you receive any statements, bills or cheques.

And soon your financial picture will become complete enough to make your financial state clear for you. This will give you the ability to plan your future transactions properly and to achieve your goals much faster.

Info regarding Accounts in DueMon CashAllot you may find here.

Modes Pane

Accounts View Mode and all accounts data can be selected from Modes Pane. To be able to create new account please make sure that Action Mode on Modes Pane is Account Edit.

Actions Pane Account Edit

A new account can be created from Actions Pane.

New Account Dialog

In New Account Dialog specify data for a new account and click button OK. Now new account is created.

Common properties of account

Most of account properties are quite simple and intuitive, but some of them are not so obvious. One of such property is Account Type.

Any account may have either 'credit' or 'debit' type. Default is 'debit'. The meaning of 'credit' and 'debit' types for accounts are introduced only in DueMon CashAllot and it is quite different from the general meaning of these terms.

This property controls account behavior only for balance tracking and due tracking properties. If these two properties are not activated then it does not matter what account type is select for such account.

If any account is balance tracked than any incoming transaction will increase a 'debit' account balance or decreases a 'credit' account balance.

To define account type properly the following question shall be answered : "What happens with balance of this account if some amount comes in?" The right answer is: "For a 'credit' account its balance will go DOWN and for a 'debit' account its balance will go UP".

Because of the nature of due tracked account Due Tracking is allowable only for accounts of 'credit' type.

Tracking properties of account

In DueMon CashAlot there are three essential type of account data tracking. These are 'balance', 'statement' and 'due data' tracking.

Info regarding Balance Tracking you may find here.

Info regarding Statement Tracking you may find here.

Info regarding Due Tracking you may find here.

Recurrence properties of account

For any statement tracked account it is necessary to set recurrence period. If any account is due tracked then both recurrence times and recurrence period are required.

Some due tracked accounts have recurrent due amount. For such accounts some fixed amount become due after each recurrent period. Good examples for such accounts are bills with activated billing plan.

Do not mix up recurrent payments with due tracked accounts that have recurrent due amounts. These two group of accounts are essentially different.

Due tracked account with recurrent due amount have constant recurrent amount, but may be paid off within some due period before due date.

On the contrary, Recurrent payments have constant amount and fixed date to be paid off. These accounts have no time gap to be paid off and for them it is enough to assign recurrent transaction. No due data tracking is required in this case.

Display properties of account

Display properties define account data visibility for each View Mode: 'cashflow', 'cashallot' and 'accounts'. These properties refer to Data Filtering in DueMon CashAllot. Data visibility in this case is controlled by Display Mode.

Info regarding Data Filtering you may find here.

You may create more accounts if you need. If you have at least two accounts created then you are ready to pass to the next step.