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Once the most of your data has been input there's nothing for you to do, just simply watch your scheduled data and make necessary adjustments and changes once in a while. The clear picture of your financial state will reveal all hidden surprises that may suddenly appear in the future. With this perfectly readable schedule any possible obstacles become easely predictable. You may agree to the fact that it's much better to predict the problem and try to avoid it than to face it and try to find a solution. From time to time you may login to DueMon CashAllot verify your scheduled data and compare it with real transactions on your accounts.

All transactions that occured in real life should be confirmed in DueMon CashAllot. Transaction confirmation will automatically recalculate balances, due amounts and other properties of the accounts, generate history transaction records and handle transaction recurrences.

This feature significantly simplify the process of data adjustment for you because all the routine is managed automatically. However all the control is in your hands because nothing will happen behind your back. No process will start untill you request it.

Info regarding Transaction Confirmation in DueMon CashAllot you may find here.

Modes Pane

CashFlow or CashAllot View Mode and all transaction data can be selected from Modes Pane. To be able to confirm transaction please make sure that Action Mode on Modes Pane is Trans Edit.

Main Panel

Prior to trigger the process of transaction confirmation you should check all transactions you wish to confirm.

Actions Pane Trans Edit

All checked transaction in CashFlow or CashAllot on Main Panel can be confirmed from Actions Pane.

You may confirm more transactions if you need. Then you may pass to the next step.