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Balance Tracking

One of the main goal of data analisys is to track balances of your accounts. That means to know future balances after each transaction you have planned. You may need some of your accounts to be baslance tracked. Ussually these are primary bank accounts such as chequing accounts and due tracked accounts such as credit cards.

Info regarding Balance Tracking in DueMon CashAllot you may find here.

New Account Dialog Balance Tracking

To create balance tracked account you shall set "track" value for tracking balance property in New Account Dialog.

For accounts that are already created you may change this value in Edit Account Dialog . In such case check all accounts you wish to change this property and set "track" value for all of them at a time.

New Account Dialog Balance Amount

Once you set any account as balance tracked you may define its current balance value in "amount" field that is below tracking balance toggle.

Summary Pane Balance

You shall start your analisys by considering balance on Summary Pane. This is summarized balance amount for all balance tracked accounts from current selection that matches tracked type.

Summary Pane Tracked Type

Currently tracked type may be specified on that same Summary Pane.

Main Panel Balance Tracking

Then you should pay your attention to tracking balance value after each transaction you have assigned.

Main Panel Negative Tracking Balance

You may need to reassign some transactions to another account or change their amounts if they cause negative values of tracking balances in the future.

Edit Transaction Dialog Change Date

Some times it is simply enough to shift such a transaction in time by changing its date in Edit Transaction Dialog.

Main Panel Shift Transaction

In such case you should set its date just after the next incoming transaction.

Once you finish with analisys of tracking balances data you may pass to the next step.