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Assign Transactions

If you have at least two accounts you may assign a transaction.

Some transactions shall be assigned at a time you create your main account, especially those transactions that have periodic behavior and constant amount. These could be periodic automatic payments from your bank account such as mortgages, loans, insuranes, any other scheduled payments. This kind of transactions will form a base structure for your future financial picture.

Other transactions may be assigned together with accounts being created once you receive any statement, bill or cheque. They have single occurrence or periodic behavior, but a variable amount for each period. Such transactions are similar to jigsaw puzzle elements that complete and reveal your future financial picture.

The rest transactions will be assigned within the process of analyzing your data and planning your future actions. Usually these are due payments that have some kind of a time gap from date of statement to due date when they must be paid off. They require more concern and attention while planning dates they are to be assigned.

Info regarding Transactions in DueMon CashAllot you may find here.

Modes Pane

CashFlow or CashAllot View Mode and all transaction data can be selected from Modes Pane. To be able to assign new transaction please make sure that Action Mode on Modes Pane is Trans Edit.

Actions Pane Trans Edit

A new transaction can be assigned from Actions Pane.

New Transaction Dialog

In New Transaction Dialog specify data for a new transaction and click button OK. Now new transaction is assigned.

You may assign more transactions if you need. Then you may pass to the next step.