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Adjust Transaction Data

After account data has been adjusted it's time to tune transaction data. You should make necessary corrections if there is any discrepancy between scheduled transaction data and recently adjusted account data.

Please note that transaction data adjustment should be done after accounts data adjustment.

Usually adjustment is relevant to transactions assigned to Due Tracked accounts such as Credit Cards Accounts and Bills upon their Due Data adjustments. Here is the list of transaction data properties that may reqire changes after account data adjustments:

  • Date
    This value may reqire changes after Due Date adjustment done for transaction accounts...
  • Amount
    This value may reqire changes after Due Amount adjustment done for transaction accounts...

Info regarding Transaction Data Adjustment in DueMon CashAllot you may find here.

To proceed with Transaction Data Editing please follow recommendations that you may find here.

You may adjust more transactions if you need. Then you may pass to the next step.