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Adjust Data Example

Adjust Account Data

All my real transactions have been confirmed. It is the right time to verify discrepancy between data on my real accounts and data stored in DueMon CashAllot.
For all balance, statement and due tracked accounts I shall verify current balances, statement dates, due dates and due amounts correspondingly. I prefer online access to most of my accounts instead of sitting and waiting for statements and bills come by regular mail once a month. Online I can get an account data at any time whenever I need it.

I have several accouts which data has changed since my last login. These are my Master card and my bank account balances. Also my Hydro bill has due date slightly different from expected. So I have to adjust my data.

Main Panel Edit Accounts

In order to adjust data of these accounts I have to check accounts to be edited at a time and click 'Edit All Checked' button on Actions Pane.

In this paticular case I cannot edit several accounts at a time because properties to be changed will have different values after editing. So I have to edit each account one by one.

To proceed with Account Data Editing please follow recommendations that you may find here.

Adjust Transaction Data

For this time account data adjustment did not affect transactions data and all transactions are fine. No transaction adjustment is required. The only thing I would do is to adjust transaction for 'Hydro' bill pay off to allow 5 business days before due date. As far as Due Date for this bill has been slightly changed when adjusting accounts data I would adjust this transaction as well. But anyway it is still within due date.

Main Panel Edit Transactions

To adjust data for 'Hydro' bill pay off transaction I need to check this transaction and click 'Edit All Checked' button on Actions Pane.

To proceed with Transaction Data Editing please follow recommendations that you may find here.