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Adjust Account Data

No plan can be perfect when it is based on variable values. It is quite precise in the nearest future, but it becomes less accurate in the far future.

The key elements of your plan are an account and a transaction. They both have properties such as dates and amounts that may vary with time for some reasons. This requires some data adjustment to be done once in a while.

Please note that account data adjustment should be performed after all applicable transactions are confirmed.

Here is the list of account data properties that may change in time and should be verified each time you login to DueMon CashAllot service:

  • Balance
    This value shall be verified for all balance tracked accounts such as bank debit accounts, credit card accounts...
  • Statement Date
    Applies to all statement tracked accounts such as credit card accounts, bills...
  • Due Date
    Related to all due tracked accounts such as credit card accounts, bills...
  • Due Amount
    The same as for the previous above

Accounts data may be verified either online by signing into your real accounts or at the time you receive statements by mail. Online method has more flexibility and allows you to get precise financial picture at any time.

Info regarding Account Data Adjustment in DueMon CashAllot you may find here.

To proceed with Account Data Editing please follow recommendations that you may find here.

You may adjust more accounts if you need. Then you may pass to the next step.

List of accounts: Debit Accounts Balance Tracked Bank Accounts No Balance Paychecks Benifits Credit Accounts Balance Tracked Credit Cards No Balance Lines of Credit Loans and Mortgages Bills Insurances Payment Cheques